Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

For the Year 2021


You've been waiting for the right time to make some changes, dear Scorpion, and the stars align in 2021 to do just that. The New Year breaks with the sun, Mercury, and Pluto all in Capricorn, while illuminating the sector of your chart that rules thought process and communication. You'll be ready to take on a new way of thinking, and to communicate these shifts to others.

This will also be the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or area of study, so consider enrolling in an online class or beginning a new project. The energy here can also help you set new boundaries where you need to create space with certain people, so take a step back from toxic or overbearing relationships.

The beginning of the year will bring more focus to your home life as a parade of planets move through Aquarius while illuminating the part of your chart that governs the home. Since Aquarius energy is notoriously unpredictable, you may find an unexpected need to move or a sudden urge to redecorate. Try not to fight this energy, as these changes will be necessary for your personal evolution. Luckily, Scorpios are masters at adaptation, and a little bit of change should be embraced as a good thing.

This will be your year to shine, and it would be a shame to let self-doubt muck things up for you. Don't be afraid of asserting yourself and putting extra effort behind developing friendships with your colleagues. But work won't be the only thing driving you in 2021, which promises to be a steamy year for love as well. However, since Scorpios are natural empaths, take extra steps to protect yourself against narcissists who may drain your energy and/or self-worth.

Remember to stay alert and discerning in all facets of your life, and you will come out on top!


The beginning of the year holds a heavy emphasis on matters of money and the home, which will likely take up the bulk of your time and energy. While Mars moves into Taurus on January 6 to illuminate the section of your chart that rules relationships, you may find it difficult to juggle both your love life and personal goals. The energy here will last until the middle or end of the month, as a variety of difficult aspects will make love feel like a struggle—especially when it comes to new relationships.

The most perfect time of the year begins on October 22 when the sun moves into Scorpio! Your psychic ability will be off the charts, so if your intuition says something in the romance department isn't working, you're probably right. On October 27, things could get interesting in matters of the heart as a "finger of fate" forms in the cosmos. Grand romantic gestures are likely to take place, and if you're hoping to get engaged in 2021, this could be the day (but don't freak out if it isn't).


You'll begin your year from an extremely intellectual place as the sun, Pluto, and Venus illuminate the area of your chart that rules thought process and communication. Verbally and internally, you'll discuss ways in which you can transform your relationships and ability to make money. Additionally, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury will focus you on ways to evolve your home life. All these planetary placements will create the perfect cosmic storm for any Scorpio who already works from home or is starting a home-based business.

2021 will bring many changes for you, and you're likely to feel as though you're weaving in and out of the roles of social butterfly and hermit. January has you reorganizing at home, while the end of February leaves you craving attention from your peers. As these shifting patterns continue throughout the year, you'll need to make sure that you're getting plenty of TLC to avoid running yourself into the ground. Things will become especially busy on a professional level when the sun moves into Leo, so don't shy away from recognition within your field.