Taurus Daily Love Horoscope

Today's Love Horoscope For Taurus
Today: Thursday - February 27, 2020

Daily Flirt

Feb 27, 2020: Sometimes even your own motivations can be a mystery to you, but they won't stay hidden long if you devote yourself to some serious introspection. Keep an open mind and ask yourself tough questions.

Daily Singles

Feb 27, 2020: Late-night calls only mean a couple of things: someone's died or someone's horny. Chances are it's the latter. Whether you go on that booty call is your choice. Just know that things haven't changed, so don't fall for the rhetoric. If you do this, know full well what you're getting into.

Daily Couples

Feb 27, 2020: Your partner may come to you today with an idea that seems really out there. Even if your first thought is to dismiss it, try it out. You may find that you actually enjoy something that you thought seemed too outrageous.