Libra Daily Love Horoscope

Today's Love Horoscope For Libra
Today: Saturday - July 02, 2022

Daily Love

Shake off the weird cosmic energy that built and lingered throughout most of the earlier part of the week, Libra. Luckily, the cosmos are shifting! Mental Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, smiles upon Saturn, the planet of strength and permanence, bringing a more practical and realistic energy to your thoughts and interactions. While this may help you to think outside of the box while also planning for the long-term, this can aid you in speaking with those who you love about visions and desires that mean so very much to you. Take a moment to consider what you’d like to say.

Daily Dating

If you're sitting at home, break out! If you're already out and about, bring on your gregarious side. You have an overabundance of charm right now, so strike up something fun with somebody new.