Libra Daily Love Horoscope

Today's Love Horoscope For Libra
Today: Thursday - February 27, 2020

Daily Flirt

Feb 27, 2020: Trust your gut today -- even if it seems like you can't trust your own eyes. Things may not be quite the way they appear, and (as they say) all that glitters is not gold.

Daily Singles

Feb 27, 2020: It's not exactly procrastination, but you don't want to seem too available either. When responding to that first or second date, it's all about timing. Don't immediately pick up the phone. Let the mystery grow. A little tension and intrigue never hurt anyone.

Daily Couples

Feb 27, 2020: You could be feeling out of sync with your partner today. Don't let it get you down. Just let it be an opportunity to work on a project or run some errands while they do their own thing. By tomorrow, you'll be back to normal.