Cancer Daily Love Horoscope

Today's Love Horoscope For Cancer
Today: Saturday - February 22, 2020

Daily Flirt

Feb 22, 2020: Some people call it an obsession with caution. But the truth is you're just a very meticulous researcher and planner. Put all that practicality to good use today, because you have missed something.

Daily Singles

Feb 22, 2020: It's so easy to allow stupid, piddly minutiae to fester into a massive problem. Stuff that pride and do the right thing: apologize. Right now it's better to practice humility. If the other person gets one up on you, oh well. You'll have another (better) chance to show off later.

Daily Couples

Feb 22, 2020: Wait until you have more information before making any decisions today. You and your partner won't miss anything if you sit this one out. You'll feel better when you're confident in your choice.