Cancer Daily Love Horoscope

Today's Love Horoscope For Cancer
Today: Thursday - June 17, 2021

Daily Love

Cancer, your words are flowing and you're making quite an impression on your admirers. Just so you know, your intuitive planetary ruler, the moon, will not only shake up your communication sector, but it will also make a sextile to coquettish Venus in your sign. To say you're charming would be a serious understatement. So, do someone a favor and try not to embellish things during this time. This is especially true with today's square between the moon, and Mercury retrograde via your secretive twelfth house of hidden agendas. It's always nice to paint a pretty picture for someone, but can you deliver what you're promising?

Daily Dating

Show people that you don't let your heart dominate your behavior, at least not all the time! You've got plenty of self-control, and this is the perfect time to exercise it. Things might get pretty freaky!