Aries Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope For Aries
~ Week 33 of 2019
Week Starting On: August 12 to August 18, 2019

Week of Aug 12, 2019: Although it might run counter to your independent nature, you’ll be craving a sense of camaraderie around August 15 when the full moon lights up your eleventh house of networking. Work with your colleagues to get an ambitious project across the finish line or spend time with an organization or club you feel connected to. The experience can be emotionally gratifying and lead to a successful result.

And you’ll get a burst of confidence and energy to pursue ambitious fitness goals while go-getter Mars is in your sixth house of health from August 18 to October 3. Paying special attention to the details (like drinking enough water or balancing intense workouts with adequate rest) will be key in delivering the result you’ve been envisioning.