Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope

Today's Love Horoscope For Scorpio
Today: Saturday - August 17, 2019

Daily Flirt

Aug 17, 2019: All eyes are on you right now, and you're positively radiant. You might not be in the mood for the bright, blazing spotlight today, but you better get used to it -- quickly. You can't escape the adulation.

Daily Singles

Aug 17, 2019: Your communication skills might need some improvement. Before you initiate conversation with your crush, think about what you want to say first. Make sure your body language shows that you're interested and approachable. Remember to listen as well as chat!

Daily Couples

Aug 17, 2019: Everything just clicks in your relationship today. The two of you will be completely in sync in whatever you do during the day. This evening, expect your love life to be absolutely magical.